TeaQIP - The most comprehensive teaching quality improvement tool of its kind in the world

  • Unique & Extremely Powerful Tool

    TeaQIP is a very powerful tool in the hands of Teachers, Principals and School Management who want to achieve the highest level of teaching excellence and care for our students. It is for those education providers who are eager to make learning an exciting experience for their students.

  • Best help for teachers to teach better

    TeaQIP directly helps the teachers to teach better and students to learn better. It eliminates the stress out of students' learning experience which they suffer day to day and from exam to exam. It gets professionalism in the classroom teaching environment and causes a big change in the overall attitude of teachers towards their pupils and profession.

  • Blazing a new trail in education

    It is for those who are not only eager but brave enough to adopt this revolutionary concept in order to convert their educational institutions into centers of excellence.

  • Making education democratic & student-centric

    Gives voice to the students where they can express their problems and also give ideas to improve their learning process. TeaQIP creates a win-win situation for all the stake holders – the students, the teachers, the parents, and the school management.

Mr. Roy
Ex Principal Indian School, Oman & Podar International School, Dhule